Spin & Go – why is it worth choosing this format?

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    Spin & Go is a fast-paced poker format that is becoming increasingly popular every year. The main reasons why people choose this format and why it’s worth joining SM Staking right now are as follows:

    Suitable for beginners

    The game format and prize structure are adapted for players of all levels and varying experience. This allows you to start playing at low stakes, learn and improve without feeling too much pressure. The School offers you a personal coach, private lessons, and constant consultations to maximize your potential.

    Spin & Go tournaments take place online

    This means that you can play from the most convenient location and at your preferred time. Whether you have another job, have free time that you can’t give up, enjoy traveling, or simply dislike getting up early in the morning, you can plan your available time however you want. We will help you plan and determine the most suitable intensity so that you don’t get overwhelmed. This will ensure your improving results.

    Fast-paced format

    Do you enjoy making quick decisions and dislike lengthy processes? This poker format won’t let you get bored because each game lasts about 10 minutes. This allows you to accumulate experience quickly and learn from different situations. Extended gameplay gives you the freedom to plan your daily activities more flexibly as you won’t be obligated to long sessions.

    A chance to win a large sum of money

    Typically, Spin & Go tournaments have lower buy-ins than traditional poker tournaments, but the prize pool can be much larger, especially in rare high-multiplier tournaments. This means that you always have the opportunity to win a significant amount of money in a short time without investing large sums. While waiting for a lucky breakthrough, being a student of the School will give you the opportunity to participate in the SM Pool and reduce the financial variance of your games.taip sumažinti savo žaidimų patiriamą finansinę variaciją.

    Join us today. Give it a try

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