Developing the maximum potential of your poker game

Every day at SM Staking, we are committed to addressing this core task with our students, ensuring their success and growth in the field.

Monthly earnings of SM members at
different stakes

Mokinio pasiūlymų lentelė

Informacija apie tai, kokiomis salygomis galite prisijungti prie Mokyklos

Newbie Making First Steps Starting the Jorney Upcoming Grinder Climbing the Lader Table Ghost Soul Crusher
Žaidžiamas limitas 0.25s 1-3s 5s 10s 20-25s 50s 100s+
Pelno dalybos 50/50 50/50 50/50 52/48 55/45 40/60 40/60
Turnyrų skaičius 40k 35k 30k 25k 20k 15k 10k
Newbie Making First Steps Starting the Jorney Upcoming Grinder Climbing the Lader Soul Crusher Table Ghost
Žaidžiamas limitas 0.25s 1-3s 5s 10s 20-25s 50s 100s+
Pelno dalybos 50/50 50/50 50/50 52/48 55/45 40/60 40/60
Turnyrų skaičius 40k 35k 30k 25k 20k 15k 10k

VIP programa

LYGIS Kaupiamasis bonusas Reikalavimai lygio kėlimui Galimas dalybų gerinimas
1 - 7 plus 0,25% kas 2,5k SpinEV+RB arba 2,5k games iki 2%
8 - 14 plus 0,5% kas 5k SpinEV arba 5k games iki 5%
15 - 19 plus 1% kas 10k SpinEV+RB arba 10k games iki 10%
VIP plus 2,5% kas 100k SpinEV+RB iki 12,5%
VIP+ plus 2,5% kas 100k SpinEV+RB iki 15%

Monthly challenges

Students have the opportunity to improve the terms of their deal next month.

Exclusive school offers

EV Deal

It protects you from poker variance and your earnings depend only on your skills demonstrated at the tables. You no longer need to worry about luck affecting your game. Spinu Mokykla ensures that you receive earnings every month based on your SpinEV results.


Every student has a personal coach with whom they can communicate 24/7. The coach provides individual attention and conducts lessons for you every 500 games. There is no need to worry about personal growth because it is guaranteed, as each coach has a limited number of students. Top-level lessons are guaranteed.


Each member of Spinu Mokykla who plays at 10s+ limit will receive a free PureGTO license. This program is the most advanced tool for learning poker strategy and achieving unprecedented results.

Strong community

Internal school Discord server. Opportunities for mutual learning.

Financial support and assistance

This includes staking, living expenses funding, software funding.

Variety of lessons

You will have the opportunity to participate in daily group lessons and arrange individual lessons with a coach at any time. Lessons are based on the most important things at the tables, starting from the basics of strategy to spot analysis and playing against fish based on tendencies.

Expert environment

Meetings at the office and trips with SM school members to other countries.

School advantages

These are poker experts who will be there for you at every step of your improvement.

Frequently asked questions

To join the school, we require at least a graph of 500 Spin & Go tournament results. You can have minimal experience, but the most important factors are your willingness to learn and the time you can invest.

After filling out the registration form, we will contact you by email and send you the main application form, which you will need to fill out and submit to us. Based on your application, we will evaluate your candidacy. If we are satisfied with your application, we will contact you via Skype/Discord to discuss the terms of the agreement. The final step is signing the contract.

Profit split is a term that refers to the distribution of earnings according to a certain coefficient based on the terms of the agreement. It is performed when a student has a higher account balance than when they started. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn from the account and shared is 30 EUR.

Your EV earnings and actual earnings from poker can often differ due to the variance in poker. The school solves this problem. Your final earnings will depend only on your knowledge and skills.

Make Up is the total poker capital given to a player that is used to register for poker tournaments.

The minimum number of tournaments per month is 400. You must play at least 4800 tournaments per year.

The number of tournaments you can play in one hour depends on the number of tables you play at once: 1 table – ~7-8 tournaments; 2 tables – ~14-16 tournaments; 3 tables – ~20-22 tournaments; 4 tables – ~25-28 tournaments per hour. For beginners, we recommend playing one table at a time.

The contract is signed electronically with Smart ID via the “Dokobit” platform. If there is no possibility to sign the contract electronically, then a physical contract is signed. In the latter case, the signed contract must be sent to the address specified by us.

Yes, full funding will be provided for your education. You will be able to play the limits specified by the school according to your skills, experience, and results.

Lessons are conducted online on the Discord platform. We organize meetings and lessons in our office in Vilnius.

Community meetings take place during annual camps, Christmas parties, and small student-organized meetings. Higher stakes players also cooperate to travel and play in foreign countries together.

First step to become a student

We want to briefly introduce you to the admission process.

Filling in the form

After filling out the registration form, a student survey will be automatically sent to you.

Discussion of contract terms

After completing the survey and meeting the requirements, we will usually contact you by phone within 1 working day to discuss the contract terms.

Signing the contract

The contract is signed using the "Dokobit" platform.

Successful admission

Full access to Discord and stable systems is provided.

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