SM Pool

The best place to protect yourself from poker variance!

Join the SM POOL project, a unique initiative for Spin&Go players designed to unite professionals in their quest to overcome variance. Spearheaded by SM Staking, a premier Spin&Go academy with 8 years of experience.

We offer an integrated support system including funding, coaching, advanced learning tools, and software. Our commitment to community, transparency, and efficiency underpins the robust administration of the SM Pool, setting a new standard in player development and collaboration.

Briefly about SM Pool

We will ensure and guarantee

Responsible selection of participants.


Fast and accurate calculation of Pool EV.

A stable system.

Quick response and problem-solving.

Fraud prevention (HH and multiplier verification).

Distribution and supervision of prize winnings.

The ability to include multipliers of different sizes in the desired proportion.

Precise result monitoring, providing the necessary software (PureTracker).

Introducing SM Pool!

It is playing Spin & Go format games in a group of poker enthusiasts/professionals with the common goal of reducing variation.

Anyone who plays Spin & Go or Spin & Go Flash can register to participate. The room or stakes played is irrelevant for confirmation.

The Pool period is a month, starting and ending on the first to last day of the month (00:00 GMT+2) for all poker rooms. The Pool operates in three main phases:

  1. All pool members submit data for the previous period on days 1-3 of the month.
  2. After the data is received, on days 4-6 of the month, the calculations take place, after which the overall results of the Pool are confirmed and announced to the participants.
  3. Following the publication of the Pool totals, payments are made to the players’ designated accounts on 6-9 days of the month.

The following data is used to validate the results:

  • Pokerstars room – HH and audit,
  • Winamax room – HH,
  • GG Netowrk kambaryje – HyperTracker graphs and Loom video of them.
  • Partypoker – only the report sent by the room.

*Partypoker room report is delayed by one month. Therefore, if your games in the Pool are played in e.g. October, the results are moved to November.

SM Pool results are calculated using the following formula:
Player’s PoolEV adjusted = Player’s Total BIs x Pool swing roi + Player’s Pool EV

*Player’s Total BIs: the total amount for which the player has bought into tournaments (number of games x tournament buy-in).

*Pool swing roi: (Total of whole Pool’s profit – Total of whole Pool’s EV) / Total amount of buy-ins of all Pool players.

*Player’s PoolEV adjusted: player’s true Pool EV earnings plus Pool swing.


The portion that a player has to transfer or receive:
Player’s PoolEV adjusted – Player’s Pool profit

*Rakeback is not calculated in Pool results and only EV and winnings are taken into account.


SM Pool results 24 hours after submission WILL NOT BE RECALCULATED. It is the player’s responsibility to verify that the calculations submitted are correct. If the calculations are disagreed with, it must be reported within 24 hours after the results are submitted.

The winnings distribution takes place after the results have been submitted. Players have 72 hours to make transfers and settle their accounts with each other. Transfers must be made to the players’ designated accounts.
*It is your personal responsibility to specify the correct account


If the Pool EV $ adjusted is greater than the Total Profit $, then a transfer will be made which will bring the winnings in line with the Pool EV $ adjusted.

If Pool EV $ adjusted is less than Total Profit $, then an amount of money will need to be transferred to bring the winnings in line with Pool EV $ adjusted.


The sign near your number in the Pool chart indicates whether the money should be sent (-) or received (+).


Each player is responsible for his own transactions. It will be up to the participants to agree on the sending and receiving of money. If a player has not sent a transaction that is due to be sent within 72h of the final results being submitted, then penalties apply. 

*In the event of force majeure (freezing of an account or wallet), the player must inform SM Pool via the DC channel as soon as possible. Such situations are assessed on an individual basis.

You can register for the Pool ANYTIME and join as soon as you receive our confirmation. After confirmation, you will be added to the Pool list from the next day. A monthly fee will be charged.

All participants have access to the overall Pool results in the stable system. Pool data can only be viewed by participants in that period. 

*Total Pool results (Total Pool Buyins, number of players, swing, etc.) will be displayed publicly and may be used for marketing purposes.

A penalty is imposed if the transaction is not completed on time, i.e. 72 hours or more after the results are announced. For each day of delay, the sender will be charged 1% of the amount of the transaction. The total amount of the penalty is received by the initial transaction’s receiver.

Register to the SM Pool (registration) and you will receive a participant form by registered mail. We will contact you after verifying the information you have provided.

1) Filling in the participant form.

2) Receiving confirmation of participation.

3) Payment of the monthly participation fee.

4) Choosing the terms and conditions of participation in the Stable system.

During the identity verification, we ask for personal information that ensures the authenticity of the participant’s data. 

For more information on data collection, processing and storage, please visit

All Spin & Go formats (including nitro games) are available in SM Pool.

All stakes up to the highest stakes can be played.

The highest stakes is the one for which the monthly fee is paid. If you want to add a higher stake to your pool profile, you can do so at any time by paying an additional fee. This should be notified in the DC channel and the new stakes will be added from the day after the confirmation.

a) Winamax JP (0%; 5%; 10%; 20%), x1000 (0%; 25%; 50%), 100x (0; 50%; 80%;100%).*
b) GG network JP (0%; 5%; 10%; 20%), x100 (0%; 50%; 80%; 100%), x50 (0; 50%; 80%;100%).*
c) Pokerstars JP (0%; 5%; 10%; 20%), x240 (0%; 50%; 80%;100%), x120 (0; 50%; 80%;100%).*
d) PartyPoker JP (0%; 5%; 10%; 20%), x240 (0%; 50%; 80%; 100%), x120 (0%; 50%; 80%; 100%).*

*Pool administration reserves the right to limit the choice of maximum multipliers based on, but not limited to, a person’s trustworthiness (previous participation in other pools, limits played, caoching/staking deals, vouching for trusted members of the poker community) – JP – 5%; x1000 – 25%.

Once you start playing, this can only be done in the next month or after adding a new room.

Pool participation is automatically renewed according to the current terms and conditions, unless you wish to leave.

To terminate your participation in the Pool, you must notify us 5 days before the start of the new Pool period (month).

  • Yes, if the multiplier did not qualify for the Pool at all (0% selected).
  • No, if the multiplier has entered the pool completely (100% selected).
  • If the multiplier has partially qualified to the pool (e.g. 40% selected), then this part is untouchable until the end of the period. The remaining part (in this case 60%) belongs to the participant and can be executed by the CO at any time.

After becoming a pool participant and logging in to the SM stable system (, you are given permission to complete the report. The report can be found by clicking on Finances→My Overview (displayed on the right side of the page).

Link to the explanation of how to fill in the Pool report: 

In PT4 the following steps are performed:  

  • configure -> reporting options (set to 12midnight).  
  • Statistics->Basic→Right click→Configure report. Find and add a multiplier in the Search field. 
  • Tournaments are filtered by the highest multiplier.  

Example the screen presentation:

All pool participants must submit their poker room HHs, which are checked and compared to the results provided in the report. If the results are different and corrections are needed, the differences are transferred to the next month’s Pool results.

If a player’s results differ from the HH, once the Pool period has ended and the correct transactions have been recalculated, they are transferred to the next Pool period, i.e. the recalculated transaction difference is added to the player’s next month’s transaction amount. The total amount of the correction is added to the Pool’s total winnings (column correction), which can reduce or increase the Pool’s total fluctuation.  

Adjustments include losses due to players’ fault and their reimbursement.

The HH must be submitted for a monthly period starting and ending on the first to last day of the month (00:00 GMT+2) for all poker rooms.

The entire submission process must be filmed. Short recordings can be made using the tool:

The entire submission process must be filmed. Short recordings can be made using the tool: 


Submission process:

  1. Log in to your PokerCraft online account. There, select the “spin and gold” box. Next, select the date for which you want to receive your HH (this will be a one-month period for the pool report). Once you have selected the date, click “show”. Then take a full screen picture.
  2. Then make a short full screen video using the software and enter the tracker data so that you can see each of the stakes played individually, under a different multiplier.

GG room video example 

The entire submission process must be filmed. Short recordings can be made using the tool: 


Example video: 


  1. Ordering your HH:
    1. Order the HH through your Winamax account (in your browser). This can be done by logging into your account, then Menu (top right) → Account Settings → Hand History. Select the history type “sit n go” and set the period for which you want to receive the HH.
    2. When your HH is ready, you will receive an email from Winamax with the HH download link.
  2. HH submission:
    1. Download the DAT file and import it into your Winamax account by logging into the desktop application. Then click on the “Tools” menu and select “Import Hand Histories”. 
    2. Once you have entered the password and clicked “import”, a green box will light up with a link to your Winamax HH directory. 
    3. Go to the Hand History storage folder. Include all .txt files (Ctrl+A) and zip them up. Name the zipped HH file in the following format: First Name Last Name WM HH 2022.09.01-2022.09.30. Upload the renamed rar file to the dropbox (wait until the file is uploaded).

The entire submission process must be filmed. Short recordings can be made using the tool:  

Example video:

  1. Ordering your HH:
    1. Email Pokerstars support ( or request HH via the PS app by logging into your account. The email should look something like this:


I kindly ask you to send my hand history for
the following period: from 2022.09.01  to 2022.09.30.

Best Regards”

  1. When your HH is ready you will receive an email from Pokerstars with your HH and an explanation of how to open it.



  • Submitting your HH
    1. If you have received the HH link:
      1. Open the email, in the left hand corner of the email, show the sender information. How the information should appear:
      2. Forward the email from Pokerstars to
    2. If you received it in HH Zip format:
      1. Open the email, make sure the left corner of the sender’s information is visible, and show the sender’s information. How the information should appear:
      2. Download the zip file you received from Pokerstars and name it in the following format.
      3. Upload the renamed file to your dropbox (wait for the file to upload).


  • Submission of PS audit:
  • Order the audit from the PS room. 
    1. The audit settings should be as follows:
      1. Language must be ENG;
      2. At least one spin must be played in the audit;
      3. Format .CSV;
      4. Password – 12345;
    2. Forward the Pokerstars email with the audit file to the SM Pool administration at

PartyPoker players do not need to submit anything.

After the Pool overall results are announced, on the 6th-9th of the month, payments are made to the designated player accounts.

  • Due to lack of data:
    • Pokerstars
      • The Participant has not provided audit data.
      • Participant has not provided HH for Pool periods in which he has participated.
      • If the Participant fails to provide HH, the transaction is limited to 30BI (or up to $3000). The limit is valid until the HH is submitted and approved.
    • Winamax ir GGpoker
      • Participant has not submitted HH.
    • PartyPoker
      • a) If the PartyPoker administration has not submitted the report on time, then the transactions will be transferred over to the next Pool Period.


  • If a Participant fails to submit an HH, the transaction is limited to 30BI (or up to $3000). The limit is valid until the HH is submitted and confirmed.
  • Transactions may be delayed if the administration suspects fraudulent results.
  • SM Pool has the right to demand 75% of the participant’s upswing, which must be paid within 3 days from the date of the notification.

All participants have access to the overall Pool results sheet hosted on the SM Pool DC channel. Pool data can only be viewed by Pool participants for that period.

  • If the result shows (+) you must receive a transaction.
  • Jeigu rezultatas rodo (-) you must send a transaction.
  • SM has the right to request an audit, hand history, transaction and tournament history, any possible report on player actions or software usage. SM administration has the right to request such information while the player is in the Pool and for a period of 6 months after termination. If necessary, the Participant (former Participant) must provide access to his/her computer (via screen sharing software) and allow inspection of information relating to SM Pool.
  • In the event of chip dumping or cheating during the tournament, the participant is deemed to be the winner of the first place prize.
  • If a participant’s account is frozen, he/she must immediately inform the SM Pool administration and provide proof of this by submitting screenshots or emails. If necessary, the participant (former participant) must provide access to his/her computer (via a screen-sharing application) and allow verification of information related to SM Pool.
  • If a Participant’s account is permanently closed due to a breach of the Poker Room Rules, then the Participant is obliged to carry out the necessary transactions from his/her own personal funds.

Registration to SM Pool

Briefly, we would like to introduce you to the admission process

Registration to the form

Redirection to the form

Filling out the form​

Participant confirmation

Do you have any other questions? Drop us an email at

Thank you for applying!


We have received your application.

We will have several more questions, but now you can stay calm and relax.

We will get in touch within 48 hours.

If you do not hear from us within this timeframe, do not hesitate to drop us a message on: and we will sort the things out.

Cheers from!

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