Developing the maximum potential of your poker game

This is the main task that the SM Staking tackles every day with its students.

15 Years

Poker experience

9 years

Coaching experience

8,5 MLN. EUR

Students’ profit

8,6 MLN. SPIN & GO

Tournaments played

Coaches who are competent
in their field

Experts who will be there for every step

15 years in the poker world

During his poker career, he has played about 300k Spin & Go and HU format games. Currently plays at the 500s stakes.

Crushing the 500s stakes

Just over 8k tournaments have been played in the PartyPoker room over a 2-month period in the 250-500s stakes. Almost 100k spinEV+RB earned,you can follow the coach’s blog on SM Discord.

Coaching since 2015

His coaching career has produced a number of top-class players, some of whom have gone on to become coaches and play at the highest stakes of the format.

Erikas Laugžemys

Smstaking coach

11 years of poker experience

Has played more than 200k Spin & Go tournaments and is currently playing the 250s stakes.

The highest statuses in poker rooms

Has reached the highest statuses: PartyPoker room - Diamond Club Elite and in Winamax - Red Diamond. Has also won a x12,000 spin tournament in a 25s game.

5 years of coaching experience

Stanislovas has already been successful in helping students reach the 50s and 100s limits. Focuses on the students' psychology, mental game and constantly works with the students' potential. The main goal - help students reach the 250s stakes.

Stanislovas Norkus

Smstaking coach

5 years of poker experience

Although Aurimas started playing poker from scratch, he has reached the highest stakes in an extremely quick pace - in about 2.5 years, climbing so determinedly and persistently, he even reached the 500s stakes.

GTO game knowledge

Master of a very aggressive play style, accompanied by deep understanding of GTO strategy.

3 years coaching experience

Aurimas can teach you a unique and effective Spin & Go crushing strategy. Understands GTO strategies in great detail. In addition, he coaches students the most successful Fish Exploit strategies.

Aurimas Morozovas

Smstaking coach

10 years of poker experience

Andrius has a great amount of poker experience, having played over 100k tournaments. He is currently playing at the 100s stakes.

Quick climb through the stakes.

Andrius climbed up in stakes at record times, having reached the 50s stakes from 5s in just shy of a year.

Andrius Iljinas

Smstaking coach

3 years coaching experience

Andrius’ lectures are related to HUD and fish exploits. During the lessons he analyzes various spots and provides insight that helps students maximize their profits.

4 years of poker experience

In just 2 years this coach managed to climb from 5s stakes to 50s, and occasionally takes shot at the 100s stakes.

Rapid climb through the stakes

He started his career at the 5s stakes and climbed all the stakes in the shortest number of games under the contract requirements. He has received his first permission to take shots at the 50s stakes after just 6 months of being in SM, at the same time when he received an offer to join the SM coaching team.

Dovydas Jonušas

Smstaking coach

3 years of coaching experience

The coach successfully trained a number of students up to the 10s-25s stakes, who started playing at the 1s-5s stakes.

5 years of poker experience

Has played more than 50k Spin & Go tournaments. Currently well-established at the 25s stakes, and sometimes takes shot at the 50s stakes.

Stable climb through the stakes.

Started his career at the 3s stakes in Pokerstars room, currently plays at the 25s-50s stakes on Winamax.

Vytautas Riškevičius

Smstaking coach

4 years of coaching experience

Vytautas has successfully trained and helped low-stakes students climb up to the 10s limit.

3 years of poker experience

Currently, Mantas plays 25s tournaments on Winamax and 25s Flash tournaments on PokerStars.

Stability and work ethic

Mantas started his SM Staking career from the lowest limits and with no prior poker experience, except for knowledge of combinations. Since the beginning of his career, he dedicates a minimum of 120 hours to playing and learning.

Mantas Masalis

Smstaking coach

1.5 years of coaching experience

Mantas currently works with players at the lowest limits and provides strong fundamentals for completely inexperienced or minimally experienced students. His students consistently move up in limits, with many already playing at the 10-25s limits.

6 years of poker experience

Started playing poker while he was still in college. After finishing studies, been playing poker full-time and have achieved good results in the 25-50s limits

Stability and work ethic

Currently, he advocates for an aggressive playing style, although for the majority of his career, Martynas was a "nit" type of a player. He has a good understanding of both aggressive play and showdown play.

Martynas Mažrimas

Smstaking coach

2 years of coaching experience

Became a coach because he enjoys interacting with fellow poker enthusiasts, analyzing situations, discussing and finding the best solution. It's also always gratifying to help and see his students succeeding.

The main points that will help you improve massively

Personal attention

Every player at our academy is paired with a dedicated personal coach, tasked with overseeing and facilitating their individual development journey.

Strong community

Join our school’s exclusive Discord server for unparalleled peer learning experiences and community engagement.

Funding and assistance

Our comprehensive support package covers tournament buy-ins, living expenses, and software, ensuring our players can focus on their performance.

Professional environment

Experience enriching office meetings and international trips with fellow SM school members, fostering a global learning and networking environment.

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