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January, 2023

January 11, 2023. The last month of 2022. Aurimas is really happy with the game count he achieved because he was traveling a lot in Bali. Another problem was that the internet was very bad. SpinEV+RB could have been better, but even with the bad run he had, it is satisfying.

Also Aurimas recaps the whole year of 2022. His goal was 100k spinev+RB., but he achieved outstanding 170k spinev+rb. Next year his goal is 300k spinev+RB.

Also Aurimas is very happy in Thailand and has no plans now of returning to Lithuania.

February, 2023

February 23, 2023. In January Aurimas was competing with other school members: “Last month, I took on a challenge with symbolic prizes for fun, and it was enjoyable to compete. Challenge points were awarded based on spinEV+RB, grinding time, and spinEV+RB based on buy-ins. This system balances the challenge quite well so that both low-limit and high-stakes players have a similar chance to win. The key point becomes investing as much time as possible. Unfortunately, I was short on that invested time, which resulted in me finishing in fourth place 😅 Nevertheless, I want to congratulate the winners who achieved exceptional results 🦈 💯 🔥

1st place. Congratulations to Markas, who consistently put in 45 hours each week and won a backpack with excellent results.

2nd place. Congratulations to Martynas, who in the third week of the challenge moved up to second place and secured a 16GB flash drive for himself

3rd place. Congratulations to Laimis, who started the challenge with a bang in first place but ran out of steam as time went on, ultimately settling for third place. In any case, he probably isn’t too disappointed because third place comes with a drinking glass.

It was fun to compete, and we’ll probably plan something similar again soon 😁 I’m attaching a table of overall results, which might be interesting for some to see the results achieved by players at different limits.”

February 25, 2023. Aurimas shares his results of 2023 so far:

April, 2023

April 30, 2023. “Hello, I would like to inform you that I will be writing my blog in English moving forward as SM is expanding internationally. 2023 have been quite challenging for me, and unfortunately, past 2 months do not seem to be looking any brighter. Over the course of four months, I have only earned 27k spinev+rb, whereas I was able to make 46k during the same time frame last year. The recent structural changes at Winamax have particularly impacted the highest stakes, and I have struggled to adjust to the new field tendencies.

However, I promise from this day onwards to put in more effort to improve, evolve, and adapt to the new field tendencies, so I can regain my ability to crush high stakes once again ⚔️

Adding my this year graphs if anyone’s curious:

(PS seems to be going better for me after Winamax changes even though i play much less there :D)”

June, 2023

June 4, 2023. “May results:

Got extreme concentration of coolers this month in 500s, which made it really hard to make substantial profit. However i put in extra effort and played more hours and i managed to push my spinev+rb over 11k in the end 💪

Also about my travel plans: I came to Malaysia🇲🇾 few weeks ago and i’m planning to stay here 10 more days. After that i’m going to turkey🇹🇷 for few weeks and on june 29th i have flight back to Lithuania 🇱🇹 . So my next blog post will be from there. I’ve been traveling for ~9 month already, so i’m really missing my home country, my friends and traditional lithuanian food 🥺

See you all soon 👍 😁 👍”

September, 2023

September 28, 2023. Aurimas finally updates his blog: “Hey, sorry for not updating my blog. Here’s my summer graph. The SM Pool had a significant upswing in August, so I was grinding a lot to take my cut of the pie. The profit for this summer is around 35-40k. September will be a break-even month due to a lot of reg wars.”

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