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March, 2020

Mar 17, 2020. “Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic and to Winamax for their new promotion! 🤩 🙏 🙏”

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Mar 19, 2020. „Halfway through the first week of blogging. Still going strong. Started to hero fold more and balanced out my aggro-game, so the blue line began to rise. Right now, I feel that I’m playing very well. I will try to maintain this level of play in the future. 💪 💪”

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Mar 19, 2020. “500 euros in spin EV in one day! Have a good night, friends. 💤“

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Mar 20, 2020. Aurimas shares good news with the readers: „In other words, the news is that I have been moved to 50s, and today I grinded like crazy, playing 173 spins and achieving 104 chip EV, making a profit of 1063 euros in spin EV. Both the game count and the spin EV profit in a single day are a personal-best for me, so I’m very happy about it 🥳 . Unfortunately, I fell just short of a 2000-euro net-won profit, but since I’m used to running under EV my whole life, it doesn’t really bother me. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll try to maintain my form and continue crushing 50s. 💪 🔥”

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March 22, 2020. Aurimas shares his thoughts, saying that even when he runs under EV, his mind is in the right place.

March 3, 2020. “Playing aggressively is the way to play”.

March 23, 2020. Aurimas shares his results about solid monday: “the first nine hours of monday went well”.

March 27, 2020. Aurimas celebrated a triumphant moment as he collected his first 10x multiplier in the 100s limit Expresso game and at last he had an over EV day.

March 28, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, Aurimas found solace in playing Expresso 100s. Surprisingly, the field felt remarkably easy.

March 29, 2020. During the week, Aurimas spun a €5000 and made a bad hero call, resulting in a loss. Lessons were learned, and a promise to be wiser was made. He also ventured into the €100s field, initially successful, but a streak of bad luck and coolers, coupled with a minor mistake, dented his EV. He expressed a commitment to continue next week with a €50/€100 limit, depending on the field.

March 31, 2020. “My first 20x in 100s limit”.

April, 2020

April 1, 2020: Aurimas won another x20!

April 6, 2020. Aurimas shares his weekly recap:

Totals: change from last week: Total game count: 461 | -255 Total Spin Ev profit: 1056€ | -2157€ Total Spin Ev profit + rakeback: 2009€ | -2602€ Total net won + rakeback: 2300€ | -696€ —————————————————————————————– Averages: | | Average chipev / tournament: 58 chip/ev | -20chip/ev Average Spin Ev profit / game: 2.3€ per game |

Average Spin Ev profit + rakeback / game : 4,35€ game |

Average net won + rakeback / game: 5€ per game |

This week Aurimas had less time for grinding, because his friend’s life was in danger, so he couldn’t focus enough.

April 13, 2020. Aurimas shares his thoughts about the week: “Meh, the week wasn’t on my side. All the draws missed every time, and pre-all-ins sucked too. It’s still very hard to concentrate on my game. At least I ran above EV!”

April 18, 2020. “Back to crushing”.

April 19, 2020. “The 6 am field in the 100s limit game is very juicy.”.

April 27, 2020. This week, Aurimas played 3-4 tables, which cost him a lot in terms of quality. Additionally, he experienced a lot of coolers, making it the worst week of his career. Next week, he plans to play 2 tables and focus on the quality of his play. He also intends to mark a lot of hands and study with the PureGTO tool.

May, 2020

May 2, 2020. April’s recap: “Meh month, especially the second half of it. The main reason was that I was trying to play 4 tables, and I’m still not that good at it. So this month, I will only play 2 tables and try to improve my results.”

July, 2020

July 28, 2020. Aurimas didn’t play a lot this summer, and he shares his graph.

September, 2020

September 8, 2020. “Hello, I will be streaming today 50s Spin & Go. Profit ~45eur/h”.

September 12, 2020. Aurimas shares his successful Saturday so far!

September 13, 2020. Aurimas collected 100x in Winamax 50s!

November, 2020

November 12, 2020. Aurimas says that he wasn’t updating his blog because he experienced burnout from poker and had significant anxiety while playing. It took a lot of time to get back on track, and he worked extensively on his mental well-being. Anxiety really affected his focus, leading to many mistakes while playing poker. So, a lot just added up, and burnout occurred. However, he is happy to announce that his problems are over, and he is coming back with full strength, ready to get back to grinding. Here is his graph for the month so far.

November 11, 2020. “Pokerstars 50s sherif”.

November 30, 2020. Aurimas recaps his November month: “It is very nice to be back on track and grinding. Now I am playing more balanced poker than ever before (red and blue lines are equal), and I am very proud of it. I’ve learned to play very exploitatively, extracting all the precious EV from the fish players. I’ve noticed that when I am playing tired, I tend to play very aggressively, but when I am focused, I am very balanced. The main thing now is to play less on autopilot and minimize spewing.”.

December, 2020

December 23, 2020. Aurimas shares his 2020 results – 13k spins and 36k EUR made!

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