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    May, 2020

    May 1st, 2020


    “I’ve Decided to Share My High Stakes Spin & Go Results! March marked the beginning of my quest for maximum rakeback at Party Poker. With a goal to reach $200,000 in rake within 12 months, it looks like I’ll be hitting that milestone even sooner than expected!”

    🚀 Exciting Update: Since late March, Party Poker introduced daily leaderboards, with a whopping $12,500 up for grabs each day! By dominating these leaderboards, players can score an extra 15-25% rakeback boost. 😎 However, this has led to a surge in competitors vying for higher rakeback percentages, making the already tough field even more challenging. 💪 Previously quiet at 500s, the tables are now buzzing around the clock, albeit mostly with intense reg wars.

    It was precisely because of the introduced leaderboards that, at the beginning of the month, I made a few mistakes in trying to reach the first place, which cost me quite a bit of EV. When it became quite clear that the first place was already out of reach, with only 4 hours left until the end of the leaderboard, I tried to reach it. Unfortunately, in those 4 hours, 200 games were not enough, and the first place “slipped away,” along with the positive EV of that day.

    Here’s an intriguing aspect: When a maniac fish joins a field dominated by regulars, everyone’s eager to reel them in. 🎣 To capitalize on these opportunities, players often aim to play as many tables as they can. I was no different, often juggling between 4-6 tables on average. But there were moments of frenzy, where I found myself managing 8 or even 10 tables in the pursuit of these valuable fish! 🌊 As a result, my multitabling skills saw a significant boost this month. What was once a challenge became second nature, with 4-table sessions feeling like a breeze. #poker #spingo

    Let’s talk about variance for a moment. The silver lining at the 250-500s limits is that a relatively small portion goes towards the jackpot, and with a 4% rake, the situation looks promising. To beat the limit without any rakeback, you’d typically need around 21-22 cEV. However, once you factor in weekly cashback, VIP DiamondElite rakeback, school RB, and leaderboards, that break-even cEV practically drops to 1-2 chips. While Party Poker may not always offer such generous rakeback to high stakes players, their current objective is crystal clear: to fuel action in high stakes spins and bolster their popularity. While the player pool is currently dominated by regulars, I’m optimistic that over time, we’ll see a healthy influx of fish. At that point, it’s probable that Party Poker will adjust the rakeback accordingly. 🎣🔥 #PokerVariance #HighStakesSpin #PartyPoker

    Another good thing is that after paying 200,000 USD in rake over 12 months and becoming a DiamondElite member, Party Poker gives a free trip to the Bahamas and an entry into a tournament – the total value this year is about 10-12k EUR. Additionally, there’s the Party Poker Millions Online tournament, which also has a buy-in of around 10k + rake.

    Let’s talk about the financial swings at the 500s limit. Judging from the graph, variance hasn’t exactly been on my side this month, and it’s fair to say it hasn’t been a walk in the park psychologically either, especially when I found myself making multiple deposits of 20-30k for several consecutive days. At one point, I was deep in the hole, down about -80k. However, things started to look up slightly, and with the aid of rakeback, I managed to mitigate some of the losses. Currently, I’m still trailing by about -20k, but I’m not letting short-term setbacks distract me. Instead, I’m focusing on honing the quality of my game and striving for long-term success. While I’ve had a few spins with a 12.5k multiplier, winning one of them, I’ve encountered far more x10 spins with a 5k multiplier, albeit with fewer wins. I’m yet to hit the elusive x25 multiplier, but I remain optimistic; after all, there’s still plenty of spins ahead. 📊💰 #FinancialSwings #HighStakesPoker #SpinAndGo

    SS from my session and how it looks:

    The weekly 40% cashback looked something like this:

    I had a few longer sessions:

    Throughout this month, I clinched the top spot on the leaderboard an impressive 8 times. More often than not, I found myself leading the pack unless I had other table matters to attend to or was deep into studying sessions with pureGTO.” 🥇📚 #LeaderboardSuccess #PokerAchievements

    The cEV graph by limits reveals an interesting trend. Surprisingly, the cEV appears to be lower at the 250s limit compared to the 500s, despite the perception that the field is easier at the lower limit. One plausible explanation could be that I approached the 250s limit with less caution compared to the 500s, perhaps adding tables when action was lacking at the higher stakes. My focus and concentration were consistently higher in 500s spins than in 250s, which may have contributed to the difference in results.” 📉💡 #CEVAnalysis #StakesComparison #SpinAndGo

    SpinEV+RB graph – this represents the overall EV+RB for each limit. In the Rakeback graph, it’s at 90%.

    Overall, I have already paid over 80k in rake to Party Poker, so the situation is 80k/200k.

    May 3rd, 2020

    At 500s, there are a few shady regulars who sometimes seem to be playing with some assistance and sometimes not. Here’s an example of one player’s line:

    I understand that a good regular can sometimes do that, but it’s interesting to think about how good you need to be to make such plays with 6 tables open 😄.

    May 4th, 2020

    A bigger multi at 250s. Lost this time.

    My new cashback record this week 😄.

    May 7th, 2020

    Finally got to enjoy x10 as well.

    May 8th, 2020

    Wop wop didn’t have to wait long. The upswing continues!

    May 9th, 2020.

    Had a beautiful run, so I say it’s necessary to share it with the community 😄. The regs who gave me a hard time this month had to give it all back today.

    May 12th, 2020

    When a lot of coincidences happen, and you get two unseen players at the table, get AA, go ALL IN pre-flop, and say: “well, this round is going to be mine” 😄. I set a trap, but it turns out I got trapped, even x5.

    May 13th, 2020

    3 :/

    3w all in 17bb 55<AT<JJ

    From BTN shoved 55 to two regs. SB call ATo BB call JJ

    Flop J

    River 5 😄

    May 15th, 2020

    Super solid 500s reg. It seems like I never hit his bluff range. But there you go, straight into the range abyss 😄.

    May 21st, 2020

    Sharing a bad beat at x10. Sorry to my opponents 😄

    15-30 blinds.

    I went all-in from the BTN with ATo (about 750 chips).

    SB calls with 77. BB calls with AJs.

    May 24th, 2020

    My recent graph!

    May 25th, 2020

    Very serious day, just the ending was not so serious 😄.

    May 26th, 2020

    Morning field recovered a bit, probably some fatter carps migrated from MTTs, so the lines reflects that right away 😄.

    When you trap with aces, flop a carriage, and just chill 😄.

    Quite literally, I haven’t budged from my chair all this time.” 🪑 #PokerGrind #FocusedPlayer😄.

    May 30th, 2020

    Hello, as usual, I’ll present my monthly report!

    Just like in May, there’s never a dull moment. I vividly recall back in 2018 when this month proved to be the most profitable in my career. I was grinding PS 500s, running significantly above EV, and ended up pocketing around 70k in winnings.” 📈💰 #MemorableMoments #MayProfits

    This month is the new most profitable month in my poker career, and it could have been even more profitable if I hadn’t lost 120k in a multi 500s. Well, but I can’t really complain. I’m finishing the month with a solid balance:

    And a big run over EV:

    Midway through the month, I found myself in a significant rut, questioning if I still had what it takes to conquer these limits or if something had shifted. It felt like my draws were consistently missing, and every bluff seemed to run straight into my opponent’s top value range. But just as suddenly as it began, the tide turned, and it felt like I couldn’t lose a hand if I tried. Winning streaks became the norm, and losing a tournament felt like a distant memory—a strange yet exhilarating sensation.” 🌀💥 #UpsAndDowns #PokerJourney 😄.

    I’m about 45k USD away from paying the 200k rake. So far, I haven’t missed a single grinding day since the beginning of April.

    Fatigue is starting to set in. June will be much calmer since in a week, there’s a school camp in Trakai for three days, followed by a few birthdays. And, of course, finally, I can play tennis!

    June, 2020

    June 4th, 2020

    And what kind of bluffs do you have here?

    June 14th, 2020

    When you misclick in x5 against a fish, but it ends well 😄

    June 15th, 2020

    Long time no see:

    June 29th, 2020

    Today is already the second one; unfortunately, I couldn’t gather the first one.

    July, 2020

    July 7th, 2020

    Goal achieved! 🥳 It took about 100 days. See you in the Bahamas!

    July 8th, 2020

    I promised not to share any more won x10 at the 500s limit, well, but lots of good emotions, so on autopilot 😄.

    July 9th, 2020

    July holds a lot of promise. Winnings so far have already reached 30k 😎.

    July 10th, 2020

    On the Friday night, there was some decent action going on 😄. Briefly, you can play 8-9 tables, but all exploits come to an end. My standard is 6 tables.

    November, 2020

    November 20th, 2020

    0/4 This year

    60k – x120

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