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    Although poker blogs are not new, this is not the first year we have encouraged such a player initiative, for a number of very important reasons. What those reasons are and how we are promoting it can be found below, but for now, here’s a quick look at the 2022 blogs.

    During the year, we had the opportunity to follow the poker routines of as many as 6 players. Some shared their goals, others their achievements, and there were some who came up with the idea of filming the details of their daily lives to give the readers (in this case the viewers) a better feel for the life of a professional poker player. Not only did the topics and formats vary, but also the length and frequency of the texts. Therefore, in the year 2022, everyone with an interest in poker could choose the blog that suited them best.

    And now, one year on, it’s time to choose the SM Blogger of the Year, with three contenders:

    1. Aurimas’ (#Pulsas) blog “aurimo-road-to-500s“. Although for the first half of the year the readers could only follow the players’ monthly schedules and their short reviews, over time the blog took on its own “face”. It has become a place that combines the freedom of poker (traveling around the world) with the crushing results of Spin & Go (monthly reviews). In case you missed it, we highly recommend you read it.

    2. Titas’ (#Ganchas) vlog “ganchas-vlog-pokeris-ir-panasiai“. He started his vlog with the words “I don’t get much pleasure out of writing…”, which led to the vlog format! A favorite of the viewers, “Pokeris ir Panašiai” simply allowed everyone to take a break and follow the personal life of a poker player with a smile on his face, with no shortage of sarcasm or humor. All the videos can be found on Ganchas’ youtube channel.

    3. Artūras’ (#boosaz) blog “boosaz-pokeris-ir-ne-tik“. Down-to-earth and familiar to many. It’s about combining poker with other activities (family), sharing both the ups and downs of moving through stakes, and finally reviews and solutions. A player who likes to set goals and try to achieve them. And at the end of the year, he completely switched to FULL TIME poker! Wondering how it went? Check out his channel.

    These are 3 Spin & Go poker players who, although writing on the same topic, have managed to find completely different genres and avenues to attract the attention of you, the readers. While we are delighted with all those who blogged in 2022, there is only one winner, and after your vote, the winner of the SM Blogger of the Year (in this case vlogger) is Titas!!! Congratulations on your victory, which comes with a prize of the next 6 months. SM will return 20% of its share of the player’s CO!

    For everyone else who blogged, the school returned 10% of their share of the player’s CO for the active months.

    Announcement of SMstaking Blog Contest’23!

    There are many famous and accomplished poker players around the world who are happy to share their experiences, tips and personal experiences. However, it is important to us that everyone who plays the Spin & Go format can find a place where they can discover other people’s experiences, game reviews, tips and goal achievements. Because it’s motivating, it makes you realize that it’s not “just me” who has to deal with this kind of situation, and it enriches the daily life of a poker player.

    So if you feel the same way, if you have the desire to share and let others follow your poker journey, join in. It will be a great opportunity to get to know yourself, discover your own blog style and format, and ultimately inspire others. And as you’ve already read, we reward the biggest inspirers.

    Terms and prizes

    The blog is open to anything that relates to life in poker. The only two requirements are that you review your monthly results each month and that you do so in English.

    Got something to share? Now is the perfect time to do it, as every participant will be able to improve their DEAL! For each active month (counting from the first update), the school will return 10% of each player’s CO!

    And at the end of the year we will again choose the best blogger!!

    1st place: for the next 6 months, the school returns 20% of its share of the c/o made by the player

    2nd place: the school returns 20% of its share of the player’s c/o for the next 4 months (if 6-10 players participate)

    3rd place: the school returns 20% of its share of the player’s c/o over the next 2 months (if 11+)

    Good luck to everyone!

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