In the ranks of our school’s coaches – a Spin&Go exploits specialist

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    Coach Aurimas, highly ranked, experienced player

    One of our mostly appreciated and ranked coach – Aurimas.

    The internet is overloaded with lessons and information on how to play poker. It is easy to find articles or recorded videos on strategies that work and those to avoid. Some information is accurate, some outdated, so in the School, we assess players’ time and select the most relevant information to present to students. However, having a general game strategy is not enough to become a winning player; exploiting the opponent requires deeper knowledge. Therefore, school students have the opportunity to learn exploitation from a high-stakes school coach, a Spin&Go exploit specialist, Aurimas Morozovas.

    How did you become a high-stakes Spin&Go player?

    I had the ambition to become a high-stakes player and dedicated a lot of time to it. Being a 25s player, I wanted to share my knowledge, so I became a coach. Coaching had helped me learn, understand, and analyze emerging situations, as well as find solutions for myself and others. I believe it is very difficult to rise through the stakes alone, so it is necessary to seek a community.

    Coach Aurimas, highly ranked, experienced player

    Is a coach necessary when playing at high stakes?

    Many good players make the mistake of letting their ego prevent them from having a coach. Personally, I learn a lot of new things every week. I try to learn from both better and worse players. The more different perspectives you have, the more options you have for exploitation. I enjoy learning because poker knowledge is like a fruit of science that can be harvested. You learn and try to apply it in the game.

    Why are you considered an exploit specialist?

    My strength is good logical reasoning. Since I am not categorical, it helps me consider more possibilities of how to play and find the best solution. I change “This way or not at all” to “Both this way and that way are possible, but this way is the best.” I am open-minded to situations, so trying to play close to GTO is not always optimal. Although it is important to look at the opponent’s statistics and analyze their game, I try not to apply ABC game principles.

    Coach Aurimas, highly ranked, experienced player

    What can a student expect from you?

    I try to convey my formula for success to students. I personally strive to live in a way that makes me feel happy. When you want to play poker, then the results become crushing. When you push yourself, it reflects in the results, so I seek ways to help players find a balance between work and enjoyment. One of the best compliments I receive as a coach is seeing students moving up in limits. I enjoy seeing them approach their goals and dreams. Therefore, we constantly work on motivation. I don’t have a single student who hasn’t reached at least the 25s limit.

    Can you tell us about your training methodology?

    I have created a group for students because I believe that community and mutual help are the keys to the fastest improvement. Since I am a high-stakes player, I have a high-level strategy. I constantly refine exploit play, which allows me to outplay others and extract maximum value from them. I try to pass on my experience and knowledge to the students.

    Coach Aurimas, highly ranked, experienced player

    What do you enjoy most about playing poker?

    Personally, I enjoy mind games the most. When you play at a high level, all players have a good understanding of poker. The feeling of trying to outsmart each other is the most enjoyable thing and, at the same time, the best intellectual exercise.

    What advice would you give to a poker enthusiast?

    Spend more time studying rather than grinding, as it will help you improve faster. Watch more videos rather than playing yourself. Don’t try to reinvent the game from scratch; people have already refined strategies and know how to make money at the table. Just learning established strategies will speed up your progress.

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