Introducing the first Spin & Go Pool project in Lithuania!

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    SM Staking Spingo Pool project

    Spingo pool project

    Variance – an inevitable part of poker

    It is a natural part of the game, but it creates difficult and uncomfortable situations for players and makes the game extremely complex.

    That’s why we offer Spin & Go players a solution – SM Pool! It is the first project of its kind in Lithuania that encourages like-minded Spin & Go players to unite and work towards a common goal – to fight variance by sharing their winnings.

    We are the leading Spin & Go school in Lithuania. We have been working with poker players for 8 years, providing training, looking into their individual needs and finding the most effective ways to improve the quality of their game. The tools and know-how we have developed will help us to ensure that the SM Pool is administered in a reliable way, ensuring community, transparency and smooth processes.

    Make the right decision and beat the variance today!

    For more information and a questionnaire please click on the LINK.

    Briefly about SM Pool:

    • Spingo pool project format.
    • Variance reduction up to 15 times.
    • Participation is possible in Pokerstars, Winamax, GG network rooms.
    • Identity verification required.
    • Participation period from the 1st month.
    • Flexibility to add/subtract larger multipliers (Jackpot, x1k etc.).
    • Winnings are based on the ratio of the SpinEV earned compared to the Pool SpinEV result.
    • If the Pool results are above or below the Pool EV, then splits are made based on the number of participant’s BIs compared to the number of Pool BIs.
    • Participants shall submit their results by the 3rd day of each month.
    • Winnings are distributed by the 9th day of the month.
    • Pool transactions are made through a Skrill account.

    We will ensure the following during the administering process:

    • Responsible selection of participants.
    • Data security.
    • The possibility to include multipliers of different sizes in the desired proportion.
    • Fast and correct calculation of Pool EV.
    • Distribution and supervision of winnings shares.
    • Fraud prevention (HH and multiplier verification).
    • Fast response and problem resolution.
    • Tracking of accurate results by providing the necessary software (PureTracker).
    • Stable system.

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