In the ranks of our school’s coaches – poker discipline specialist

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    Meet Andrius – out discipline specialist

    Quick and successful ascension in stakes is important not only for the student but also for the School. Knowing that it is not an easy task, we are constantly looking for solutions to solve it. One of them is the discipline coach Andrius Iljinas! Over 10 years of experience in various poker formats allows students to avoid common mistakes that hinder improvement.

    How did you end up in the position of a discipline coach?

    First of all, I was noticed for my good game results at the $100 stakes. Secondly, having accumulated experience in various poker disciplines, I was able to not only learn during lessons but also discuss various topics with the coach. This was specifically noticed and allowed me to become a school coach – my ability to clearly present ideas and support them with theoretical and practical knowledge.

    What can a student expect from you?

    I constantly learn from my mistakes, perform self-analysis, and play exploitative instead of the standard strategy. As I have already indicated, I evaluate my own game and mistakes very strictly, so I demand a lot from the students as well. Although we have a lot of communication with students not only on poker topics, during lessons I try to maintain a learning environment. I also establish an individual relationship: I present information in a clear and understandable language, select topics relevant to each player, and delve into every game in detail.

    Can you tell us about your training methodology?

    In order to help players avoid mistakes, I maintain strictness and discipline, therefore I am called discipline specialist. I try to instill the understanding that a lesson is a touch on certain topics. All learning and improvement happens after the lesson when “homework” is done. I have experienced tilt, downswings, and psychological burnout, so when conducting lessons, I rely on real personal experience and proven knowledge.

    What do you enjoy most about playing poker?

    Unquestionably, it is the freedom that poker provides. In this game, there are no limits of self-improvement, and as a perfectionist, that is the biggest advantage for me. Since continuous improvement is required in this field, as you grow as a poker professional, you also become a better version of yourself in all areas of life.

    What advice would you give to a poker enthusiast?

    When starting to play poker, sometimes very high expectations are set. That’s not a bad thing, but in order to fulfill them, be prepared to have a lot of patience. When the day comes that you decide to quit your regular job, and I wish that for you, the workload will definitely not decrease. In order to become a successful poker player, be prepared to work hard and consistently.

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