Why should you join SM Staking in 2022?

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    We, the SM Staking community, will share the important aspects of why you should be part of a poker school. That’s right, we’ve broken those aspects down and expanded on them in separate categories. So, let’s briefly talk about each of them.

    The Community

    Poker is like a lone wolf trying to conquer the population and get into the top 1%. Lots of lonely hours in front of the screen, lots of obscure spots, psychological tension, thoughts of “am I the only one doing this badly?”, downswings, etc. No one will say that it is impossible to overcome all of this alone, but to quote an eloquent African proverb – “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together” – there is indeed room for thought.

    Continuous improvement

    Have you ever found yourself succumbing to tilt, impulsively depositing funds after a rough session? Do you understand the different forms tilt can take? Do you have a structured poker warm-up routine, and can you effectively manage your bankroll with both safety and aggression? While you may have knowledge of these concepts, putting them into practice and improving can be challenging. That’s where SM comes in to offer assistance!

    Poker strategy

    When you join SM Staking 🃏, you’ll not only receive funding (more on that later), but you’ll also gain access to a dedicated personal coach 🎓 to guide you through your poker journey. Imagine having someone a few steps ahead, tailoring advice to your experience, strategy knowledge, and starting limit. Whether you’re mastering range tables or honing post-flop strategy, our extensive video library 📹 has hundreds of lessons ready to make you go ‘aha’! 🤩

    The Psychology of Poker

    But bear in mind that strategy goes hand in hand with psychology. Obviously, the psychology of sport and business is quite similar; adult learning patterns have not changed for hundreds of years. So in our group psychology classes we will discuss the necessary habits and mindsets not only at the poker tables, but also in your personal life! What’s more, we’ll solve any problems together and share our inner victories.


    Last, but one of the most important benefits of SM Staking. Firstly, we will fund your buy-in for the stakes you play. An EV deal will help you avoid variance and earn a steady income. Secondly, we will help you to purchase the necessary software and share access to the PureGTO training programme, which will allow you to develop your game at the highest level.

    Are you still unable to achieve your poker dreams but are passionate about continuous improvement, want to surround yourself with like-minded people, or simply turn your hobby into a source of extra income? Contact us at www.smstaking.com or on the general SM Staking discord channel https://discord.gg/UTz5nMNpjT.

    Until next time! ?

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