Interview with Mark (Rulkisa)

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    Hello, please introduce yourself (name, age)?

    Hello. My name is Mark, I am 27 years old.

    First introduction to poker? What are your memories?

    My first acquaintance with poker was at a summer camp in the 9th grade, or maybe at school during breaks, I don’t remember exactly. I remember it was more interesting than sitting in class.

    How long after your first introduction to poker did you discover

    When I was at school and after I graduated, I didn’t think that poker would be the activity that would give me financial stability. I played poker when I had the time. I always wanted to win no matter what the activity was. As a result, I have been looking for ways to improve, and if you haven’t tried google, it really helps. That’s how I found SM Staking.

    What were your thoughts before signing the contract?

    I was already playing poker for a living before I signed the contract with the school. The key question was whether I would get enough knowledge from the school to increase my earnings by several times. One thing I knew was that I needed to improve because I wanted to play with the best players. I pushed away the negative thoughts and signed up, whatever happens, happens.

    After signing the coaching contract, getting to know the coaches, colleagues and seeing the whole school system up close, did it live up to what was promised or did it exceed expectations?

    When I came to the school I got a lot of information, which is exactly what I needed. It was a relief compared to learning on my own that I didn’t have to keep looking for information, it was all in one place and constantly updated, you just had to learn and play.

    Was it difficult at first to get to grips with the whole learning system? Was it too little, too much?

    Definitely easier than advanced maths. The amount of information is quite large, so you have to realise that you don’t learn anything in one day.

    What stakes were you playing when you started Spin & Go games after coming to the school? What memories can you share from when you first started learning and playing, what was the hardest part?

    I started playing from the 5s stakes, to be honest it was really easy, you didn’t have to put much effort into it, the game itself only got harder from the 25s stakes.

    What limit are you playing now? What are the biggest challenges you face now?

    Right now I’m playing in the 100s stakes. The biggest problems at the moment are psychological, it’s really hard to control yourself.

    How quickly did you get help from coaches and colleagues when you needed it at the school?

    I can only say this: if a coach is online and sees a request, he tries to help right away. I certainly haven’t had to wait for a long time for an answer.

    Do you think it’s possible to achieve such results and become a successful player by learning on your own?

    I think anything is possible if you think like that. Maybe you should ask if it is worth the time to reach the highest stakes by yourself. If you have the desire to prove something to someone, it is possible. But if you look at it from a financial point of view or from a time point of view, it’s complete nonsense.

    Would you recommend to people who want to start playing Spin & Go?

    Absolutely yes, if I hadn’t had a negative attitude towards such schools before, thinking that I could learn the same thing fast enough, I would be playing at even higher stakes now.

    What advice would you give to new/future members of

    My advice would be not to do 3 jobs, but to focus on one, because to get good results you will need to give a lot of energy, which we have a limited amount of. Just thinking that you need a backup plan takes away energy and concentration.

    What would you wish for the school?

    New recruits who are hardworking.

    Mark finished his first deal with the school, it took him 1 year and ~8 months. Now Mark and I are starting a new agreement with the aim to conquer the highest stakes! GLGL!

    Join us today!

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