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January, 2021

January 21st, 2021

40th royal flush in my career😄

April, 2021

April 18th, 2021

Hello, my blog followers! My year at the Party Poker room has come to an end, and so has my first Diamond Club Elite challenge. I’m excited to start a new journey to the DCE club, and on this occasion, I’m sharing my schedule and an overview of the yearly results:

Dedicated to the game: 1,042 hours

Days played in the year: 276

Self-improvement in the game: ~80-100 hours

EV + RB: 168,000

Paid in rake: ~400,000+

As you can see from the graph, the first three months were exceptional. During them, I probably earned about half of my total annual profit. I played solidly, and the competition was quite decent. After that, there was a break-even period for a few months (from 10,000 to 17,000 games). Then, suddenly, ultra-format games with high stakes appeared. I played about 10,000 games, mainly in the 100-250s. It went well, but I calculated that the profit wasn’t as good as in regular spins (especially in the Party Poker room). Therefore, around 25,000 games, I returned to regular spins and concluded my Diamond Club Elite (DCE) year there.

As you can see from the end of the graph, the results weren’t impressive, but I believe that sooner or later everything will return to normal trends and bring in my profit 😄

Additionally, over the year, I had 4 big multipliers: 30,000$ (250s), 30,000$ (250s), 60,000$ (500s), 120,000$ (500s). Unfortunately, I didn’t win any of them. But I’m not too concerned about it because I know that one day I’ll still win the jackpot – it’s just a matter of time 😄

The graph depicts 100% rakeback. If there’s a question about how Party Poker earns when providing such rakeback, I can answer that they don’t offer this rakeback to everyone, only to those who pay a lot of rake and consistently occupy top positions on the leaderboard (usually top 3). In summary, Party Poker does provide a solid rakeback, allowing participation in continuous reg wars in high-stakes poker rooms. The Bahamas package wasn’t utilized due to pandemic conditions, so it’s carried over to this year. If I gather another one, I might use it for a different series!

June, 2021

June 28th, 2021

Hello my friends!

After PartyPoker left the Lithuania, my account there is still not fully sorted out. Therefore, I decided to check out the Natural8 (N8) room. As you may know, 90% of the games there are in ultra/nitro format, and only 10% are standard spins. Nitro has never been my forte, so I’ll need to adjust a bit and, at the same time, fine-tune my edge in shallow play. The plan is to play part-time, but I still hope to manage at least 5,000 games per month in this format. I’ll try to grind every day throughout July as much as possible, although there may be a few days when it won’t be possible due to some celebrations.

The plan is to play at 100-200s limits. During this time, I think I’ll get a good idea of the field and the potential earnings in this room and at these limits. I plan to update the results every few days, share interesting hands, and boast about bigger wins (hopefully, I’ll catch at least one). 😄

I’ll try to calculate how much rakeback I can get, possibly collecting the full 100% when counting with affiliates. For those who don’t have an account there yet, I recommend registering through the school’s affiliate link – The school offers an additional 40% affiliate rakeback for non-school members and 45% additional affiliate rakeback for school members. (If someone already has an account, it’s possible to contact support to link it to the school. If the account was created with another affiliate, it needs to be inactive for 3 months to transfer it.)

Well, that’s enough of an introduction. I’m thinking of starting on July 1 and dedicating the whole month to this. I hope it will be fun for both me and you!

July, 2021

July 1st, 2021

I completed my first performance in N8. 230 games, mostly at the 100s limit and a few at 200s.

I noticed that with my volume, it’s not easy to grab the leaderboard at 200s, so I’ll focus on 100s. Once I secure a spot on the leaderboard there, I’ll also play at 200s. The results don’t reflect much; well, the sample size is small, and I certainly didn’t have the best run 😄

July 2nd, 2021

Hey, so I didn’t post the results yesterday because I ran out of energy a bit. I’ll upload them next time, probably in a few days. Today is a day off because there’s a celebration in the evening, so I hope I won’t have to take a forced day off tomorrow 😄

July 4th, 2021

So, despite the difficulty, I managed to find the strength and motivation for the grind today after the break 😄

Here’s the graph for the last few days. Those few bigger “x” values with a normal stack are such a relief after nitro, oh, it’s a pity they come so rarely. It’s still challenging to assess my real cEV because it’s difficult to determine whether I’m having a better or worse run in shallow stacks.

I noticed that the action on Natural8 isn’t infinite either. It was hot when I took the gold mine challenge, and towards the end, the action started to slow down, so I had to combine a few limits to finish the challenge at the last minute.

Here’s what I received 😄

July 6th, 2021

Last 2 days. Insane EV, but also a similar run under EV.

Today I tried to go for the leaderboard at 200s, but after a few hours of play, I checked and saw that there were some crazy leaders on the leaderboard today. So, I had to burn some volume and just accept that I won’t get a penny from the leaderboard 😄

July 8th, 2021

I didn’t update about my “achievements” from yesterday 😄

Anyway, there are a lot of tournaments in nitro, so it’s a bit challenging to “digest” those bad beats and coolers. When you’re on a good run, you feel like a god, but when the run turns off, it feels like you’re trash.

But now I really noticed that the x5 multipliers field is in a hurry, playing as if it were nitro.

July 11th, 2021

The day before yesterday, I couldn’t play, and yesterday I didn’t share my graph, so I’m doing that now.

I also think that I’ll write updates more on a weekly basis because in the nitro world, it’s challenging to see something very new in a short period; it’s just conveyor work 😄

July 19th, 2021

Hello, as promised, here’s the weekly update, and at the same time, I’ll review the monthly results. At the beginning of the week, I changed my schedule from nighttime to daytime. I lacked some rest, so I played with a breakeven cEV for a few days.

I played at the 100-200s limits, with 70% of the games at 100s and 30% at 200s. The skill level is similar between the limits, but the main difference is that there is a significant lack of fish at 200s in the morning and during the day, and it’s slightly better there in the evening and at night.

Another thing, I got into a bad run period, which is clearly visible in the real winnings graph:

Over the past few weeks, about 20k under EV.

Also, I closely tracked my rakeback, so with the leaderboard and affiliates, it is currently at 94%. It could be slightly higher, according to what is officially stated on the GG website, but they applied a coefficient of 0.75 to my fish points, reducing the received rakeback.

So, SpinEV + RB is 7.8k.

2.4 USD/game

146 USD/hour.

I will take a week-long break from grinding now. And I don’t know if I will continue playing on GG or PP 😄

August, 2021

August 26th, 2021

Hello! A tough day. Today, two outs hit hard in the WSOP ME 5k, with the flop coming down at about 65BB. The feeling is not great 😄

Having calmed down, I went to check the field at 500s on PartyPoker after a rough patch. Turns out I didn’t make a mistake; I had a pleasant run against regulars. As a consolation for the bad beat in the main event, PartyPoker gave me 8k EUR 🤑

December, 2021

December 9th, 2021

When you think you’re already dead, but you’re not yet 😄

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