Summer at SM Staking: Exciting Times Ahead!

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As summer rolls in, we’re thrilled to share some amazing updates and highlights from our SM Staking community. The warm weather is here, and so are the scorching wins from our dedicated members!

April 2024 Graph of the Month: Dominating the GGPoker Tables! 🎉

Our SM Staking member was absolutely on fire in April, blazing through over 9,000 spins and amassing a jaw-dropping $30K in EV+RB profit! 💰 The dedication and skill on display are truly inspiring, and we’re proud to showcase this incredible achievement.

Big Win Highlight: €40,000 in Expresso Nitro! 🥇💸

One of our members kicked off their morning with an extraordinary win, bagging a massive €40,000 in Expresso Nitro! 🌟 This remarkable success is a testament to their hard work and sharp poker skills. Congratulations on this phenomenal win!

Join the Action: Share Your Grind and Battlestations on our Discord!

This month, our Discord server is buzzing with activity as members share their grinding and battlestations. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected, motivated, and learn from each other’s experiences. Don’t miss out on the ongoing discussions and camaraderie—join in and be part of our vibrant community!

Here are some of the unique poker setups

Join our Discord:

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from SM Staking. Let’s make this summer a season of success and big wins!

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