Monthly SM Blog Update: June 2024

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Welcome to the June edition of our monthly poker blog!
We have exciting updates, highlights from last month, and some interesting news related to Euro football.
Let’s dive in!

Best Graphs of the Month

Conquering the GGPoker Tables

Our SM Staking member had an outstanding month in May, playing just over 5,000 games and raking in an impressive $16,000 in EV+RB profit! That’s more than $3 for every game played – incredible consistency and skill!

Big Wins

June was an incredible month with too many big wins to count! In our Discord server’s Upswing Joy channel, it seemed like big wins were shared daily, many of which were over five figures. Some players even posted multiple five-figure or close to five-figure wins. Congratulations to everyone for their amazing achievements!

Here are some for your viewing pleasure and motivation:

Congratulations to everyone for their amazing achievements!

Euro Football Fever

Who Are You Rooting For?

The Euro football championship has been thrilling! We’d love to know, who are you rooting for? Share your favorite teams and moments with us in the comments below.

Winamax Expresso Euro Promo

During the Euro, Winamax ran an exciting promotion in their Expresso (Spin and Go) games. Every time you hit a 2x multiplier you would receive a random country flag, with silver flags being more frequent than gold flags. Win the game and collect the flag.

When your flagged team played and scored, you earned 1 point for each goal if you had a silver flag and 2 points for each goal if you had a gold flag. More goals you collected, more money you won. It added an extra layer of excitement to the matches!

Join Our Live Twitch Stream

Reminder: We have a live Twitch stream every Thursday at 19:00 LT time (GMT+3). Join in to learn from the best, ask questions, and improve your game.

Missed the Stream?

Don’t worry if you miss the live stream! All our live streams are uploaded instantly to YouTube under the Live Tab. You can watch them at your own pace.

Thank you for being a part of SM Staking poker community. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep those cards moving. Remember, consistent practice and dedication are key to success.
Good luck at the tables!

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